Blueface Kicks Sister On Video & Pushes His Mother Out Of His House

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Blueface performs onstage at the 2019 BET Experience STAPLES Center Concert Sponsored By Coca-Cola at Staples Center on June 21, 2019 in Los Angeles, California
Video shows the rapper kicking his sister down the stairs.

Blueface is one of the biggest names in the rap world right now and while we all wait for his first album to drop, the artist is finding alternate ways to create headlines. The Los Angeles sensation is known for rapping off-beat but apparently, his morals might also not follow traditional guidelines either. In a video that has been making the rounds online, the "Thotiana" rapper can be seen with his two girlfriends in his house when his mother and sister come to visit. They were seemingly upset with the women being there and when an argument started, Blueface physically kicked his family out of his crib.

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His mom was on Instagram Live when the altercation took place, showing Blueface at the top of a staircase with his sister approaching him. One woman is shouting for the rapper to come downstairs, using his real name Johnny. Blue's family was seemingly pissed about his two girlfriends being upstairs, hoping for some alone time with the rapper. His mind was apparently already made up about who he wanted to keep in the spot though because he went down a few steps before kicking his sister and shouting right back at them. His mother can be heard saying that they'll be waiting for the police to arrive, adding even more drama to the already wild situation. "We gon' wait for the cops since you hit girls today," said one of the women. His mother was furious about it all, telling her social followers to open their eyes and stop supporting her son, saying, "This is his mother being thrown out. This what y'all paying for right here, Blueface. Y'all paying for this. This who y'all support."

Near the end of the video, Blue's sister rushes up the stairs again and the rapper tells her that if she does not leave the house right then and there, she wouldn't be leaving alive. While the entire context isn't totally clear, it shows a lot about the artist's character. The way you treat your mother is everything and apparently, Blueface isn't exactly down with his family.

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