R. Kelly’s recent, bizarre interview with Gayle King will go down in television history, but sources close to the singer are telling TMZ that Kelly said his “spirit” told him to sit down with King to deliver his truth. The interview itself became unhinged when Kelly experienced an emotional meltdown and blamed his current legal situation on those trying to ruin his life. TMZ also claims that Kelly give “zero f***s” about how he was portrayed in the interview nor does he care about what the public thinks of him.


After the interview, King caught up with Time and talked with them about what the process was like with Kelly. “We did it at Trump Tower, where he lives in Chicago,” she said. “Fifteen minutes before we did the interview, I went to his apartment because I met him years ago, but it’s not like we’re friends or I have any kind of friendship with him or relationship or rapport. I don’t have a rapport with him. But I wanted to at least see him and him see me eye-to-eye.”


Time asked her about what was going through her head the moment Kelly stood up and started flailing about. “The more he ranted, I was thinking I don’t want him to get up and leave, which he has done in interviews when he gets agitated,” King said. “He was clearly agitated by some of the questions, and I just didn’t want him to leave. So I figured the more agitated he got and the more emotional he got and volatile he got, the best thing to do was to sit there and just be still. You can also start meditating. I recommend headspace. So you can also in that moment just say, O.K., I’m going to take a moment here. Let him get through whatever this is.”