Popcaan has undeniably claimed his throne as the premier Dancehall artist of the moment, but with his latest drop, the Jamaican star switches over to Reggae soundscapes in a move that veers from his traditional catalog.

This time around, you’ll find Popcaan hopping on a genre staple as he remakes the late Garnett Silk’s “New Found Love” track. The new cut features production from NotNice and features Popcaan in an interesting new element that finds him testing the limits of his vocals as he noticeably flexes singing skills more than he usually does.

“He just called me and asked to have the riddim ready when him reach Jamaica,” NotNice says of his latest collab with Poppy. “I contacted Clive Hunt and got the musicians together, and the rest is greatness (not history). Popcaan’s voice on the track blends naturally and people have been giving it some good feedback since we previewed it about a week ago. This is the first time Popcaan is doing a cover and also the first time people really get to hear him on a reggae riddim, even singing.”

Quotable Lyrics

Open your heart and let these feelings in
To deny these emotions would be like a sin
Unused love and true love, I give to you
We’ve made a start so let’s never part