Chronixx Gives Thanks To The Almighty Creator On “Jah Is There”

Chronixx has put Spanish Town and Roots Reggae on his back, for 5-years strong.

BYDevin Ch
Chronixx Gives Thanks To The Almighty Creator On “Jah Is There”blur mask

To mark the 5-year anniversary of Chronixx re-issued his landmark album Dread & Terrible for the revised "deluxe edition", from which he's included the previously unheard "Jah Is There." The retroactive submission is itself, a telling sign of Chronixx's independent spirit, as the song's arrangement (body and sound) was entirely produced free of any unneeded interjections from the higher-ups.

While (roots) Reggae is hardly the consumable entity it was 30 years ago, Chronixx has made itself himself an exception to the rule, generally speaking. The Reggae singer first broke out internationally upon his performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2014. Since then, Chronixx has maintained an improbable strike rate in terms of his relative output: Chronology and the aforementioned Dread & Terrible figure as the lone full-length project to bear his name. The rest have come in the form of EPs and one-off singles. If for a minute you think quotable parables from ancient texts has gone out of style, think again! "Jah Is There" and Chronixx is here to prove you wrong.

Quotable Lyrics:

Who taught the birds how to fly?
Who is the one that hangs the clouds in the sky?
And if for Moses, Jah did part the Red Sea
Oh yes.

- Chronixx


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