Who Is Kenneth Petty? Everything You Need To Know About Nicki Minaj's Boyfriend

Familiarize yourself with Nicki Minaj's new beau Kenneth Petty.

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From Twitter wars with Safaree Samuels to straight up blocking Meek Mill on Instagram, it's clear that Nicki Minaj has no problem with flexing her hookups, makeups, and breakups on social media. While her brief fling with Nas back in 2017 wasn't hot enough to make the Queens-bred rapper break her self-imposed celibacy vow, it seems that Minaj is now more than willing to pack on the PDA with her new beau, Kenneth "Zoo" Petty.


Taking a break from linking up with other top names from the music industry, the "Good Form" rapper has set her sights fully on Petty, even going so far as to clap back at fans who have spoken up about the 40-year-old's controversial past. If you want the full scoop on the man who somehow caught the eye of the multi-millionaire rapper despite having a rap sheet a mile long, look no further-- we've got you covered.



Recently, the "LLC" rapper dipped into her past, which explains why Kenneth Petty is completely unknown to both the Barbz and her A-list peers. According to TMZ, a source close to the Young Money rapper revealed that the two used to date when Minaj was 16-year-old, living in Queens, New York. While Minaj is, of course, aware of his troubled past, the source explained that she is "confident he's matured since his time in NY state prison in the late 1990s. Nicki believes in second chances and has faith he'll be good to her."

"Nicki and Kenneth still have great chemistry," the source continued, "despite all the years between their relationships. She's much happier since rekindling their romance." As for their recent reconnection, Minaj has her charitable work to thank for that. An additional source revealed to Us Weekly that Petty and Minaj starting talking once again when "she handed out turkeys for Thanksgiving in her hometown." 



Nicki Minaj wasn't exaggerating when she spit the bars, "Cause all I want is karats and some big drug money/I'm only loyal to the niggas that'll bust guns for me" on Queen single "Good Form." No longer interested in men softened by living the high life, Minaj clearly has no problem linking up a with career criminal who spent years doing hard time. To date, Petty has been arrested twelve times for crimes ranging from driving with a suspended license to first-degree attempted rape and first-degree manslaughter.

Petty also served seven years of a ten-year sentence handed down in 2006 in the shooting death of a man named Lamont Robinson. As dictated in the official criminal complaint, Petty shot Robinson “with a loaded handgin (sic) multiple times thereby causing his death.” In addition to this shocking crime, many are up in arms about Petty's 1994 attempted rape conviction. According to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Petty was convicted of using a "knife/cutting instrument (e.g., ax, ice pick, screwdriver, switchblade, Kung Fu stars, cane sword, etc.)” during the attempted rape and sentenced to spend between 18 and 54 months in prison. Still listed as a level two sex offender in New York, Petty will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

To make matters worse, Minaj hopped on the 'Gram to defend her man's violent crime. "He was 15, she was 16… in a relationship. But go awf Internet. y’all can’t run my life. Y’all can’t even run y’all own life," said Minaj, clapping back at the dissenters who flooded the comment section of a picture of herself and Petty with digs at his past. 



As Petty has hitched his wagon to Minaj's star, reports have surfaced detailing his interest in becoming a music executive. Allegedly, the two are in talks to produce a number of business deals together. 



Apparently, Petty is just as shady in the sheets as he is in the streets. Before suddenly linking up with Minaj, Petty was dating a woman named Noelle before dropping her for the "Chun-Li" rapper. Stepping up to the plate to clap back at a Minaj-centered fan page, Petty's ex cleared the air about what exactly went down between her and her former flame. "Have no problem with her," said Noelle, squashing the rumors about any ill-will she harbors toward the rapper. "But she messing with my man who was living with me!! How he just wake up and chase behind a rapper. I mean I know she famous and all and girls chase rappers all the time. But as a man. My man I wouldn't expect that at all." 


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