Those who viewed Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition may have noticed Nia Riley’s body transformation. Some of those who did notice made sure to inform her of their apparent dislike for her fuller figure. Nia has since responded to the hate with a snappy attitude. She hopped on social media to fire back. “Why the f*ck y’all care about my weight so much? When a b*tch was skinny and depressed AF and had no ass that was a problem too,” she wrote. “Let me enjoy my fat ass and be happy damn!” She also made sure that people don’t get it twisted. Nia is still attractive and she knows it. “BTW. Still take yo n*gga. Fat and all.”

Nia Riley Claps Back At Body-Shamers & Explains "Marriage Bootcamp" Tears
Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Riley previously slammed a thirsty fan who slid in her DMs to attack her curves, calling “fat slob.”

“What would possess you to have such anger toward a stranger or someone that’s never done anything to you?!” wrote Nia. “A grown a** “MAN” sent me this btw. lol, he gets no p***y clearly worried about my fine a** at this time of night! #RealBody”

There was also many people commenting on the fact that she kept crying on camera during the “Hip Hop Bootcamp” tapings. Apparently, alcohol was flowing, and the intoxication made her overtly emotional.