Twista Still Has Flows For Days On "War Ready"

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Twista takes us to the battle grounds.

Twista may be in album mode. He dropped a single earlier in 2019, and now he's returned with some new heat. "War Ready" is a low-key banger. It may not be getting the commercial play it deserves, but this is Twista at his best. He has always sounded rawer over those mysterious and dark sounding instrumentals, and "War Ready" is no different. Produced by DJ Tight Mike, "War Ready" is a militant hit. As expected, Twista steps onto the single with a rapid-fire flow. 

The speedy vet does switch it up though, employing some more modern flows in with his patented style. If you enjoyed Twista back in the Kamikaze days, this is a single you cannot skip. The outro to the track is a little lengthy, but you'll find yourself nodding to the eerie instrumental until the last drum drops. 

Quotable Lyrics
All of your intelligence was too artificial
You speak only of irrelevance and you likin' the elegance
Nothin' is real and you ain't even part official
Hit the yellow brick road, you ain't got the heart up in you
Hangin' with nothin' but lames, look at the artist with you
I spit so fast with the words, I could scar the tissue
I bring action to a verb, like a participle

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