Soulja Boy may be in the process of enjoying a self-proclaimed “GOAT comeback,” but that won’t stop Jake Paul from seeking his piece of the action. The Everyday Bro recently found himself on the receiving end of a Soulja Boy FaceTime warning, pertaining to their upcoming boxing match, which may or may not be going down. After Soulja invited Paul to “pull up,” the blonde YouTuber happily acquiesced, documenting the process on his YouTube channel. Upon meeting Young Drako in his driveway, Paul confronted the rapper face-to-face, and the night air soon became filled with an endless chorus of “bro” from both parties. 

Upon pulling up, Soulja doesn’t seem particularly impressed, warning Paul to “get off his lawn,” like your favorite neighborhood curmudgeon. Paul doubles down on the trash talk, telling Soula he’s “shorter in person,” despite Drako’s insistence of a guaranteed victory. The pair proceed to do the whole face-to-face thing, upping the intensity of their respective threats. As Paul sees it, Soulja’s lung capacity looks to be his downfall. “You’re smoking right now, bro,” laughs Paul. “How are them lungs, bro?”

After a little bit more pregame headbutting, Paul tells Soulja to do his part in getting the deal done. Drako seems eager to oblige, despite Paul’s insistence that Soulja’s team is “lacking.” The pair proceed to seal the deal with a handshake, and Paul suggests a pre-fight driveway throwdown. “You best stop playing with me fore I take my shirt off,” warns Soulja, prompting Jake Paul to raise an eyebrow. “Why you want to take your shirt off for, bro? Damn, Soulja.” 

Should this fight actually end up happening, who would you place your money on, bro?

Jake Paul Confronts Soulja Boy Over Upcoming Boxing Match
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images