Earlier this year, Asia Argento lost her boyfriend Anthony Bourdain to suicide. The celebrity chef and travel documentarian was beloved in the entertainment world and his loss shook many to the core. As she is currently in the midst of an unrelated scandal pertaining to rape accusations made against her, her name has been brought up frequently. Just today, her accuser, Jimmy Bennett, sat down for an interview to discuss his claims. CNN is airing the final five episodes of Bourdain’s TV show Parts Unknown and, coincidentally, Asia Argento is doing her own interviews today.

During a sit-down with DailyMail, Argento broke down crying when speaking about her boyfriend’s suicide, saying that it has left a hole that cannot be filled in her heart. She revealed that she was initially angry at him for “abandoning” her and her kids but that the anger has been replaced by the pain of his loss in general. This marks the first time that Argento says how close Bourdain was to her son and daughter. The full interview will be broadcast today and tomorrow.

Argento has stated that she has never had any sexual relationship with Jimmy Bennett. It was revealed that Anthony Bourdain actually paid Bennett $380K in hush money. Watch part of the interview below.