The debacle surrounding Kevin Hart and the 2019 Oscars reached a peak last week when Ellen DeGeneres seemingly made a few calls for the Academy Awards to take back the comedian as their host. He had stepped down after old homophobic tweets resurfaced and after thinking his decision over, Hart decided that resigning from the position was the right choice. He seems fed up of even bringing up the tweets and he surely would have had to address the scandal during his gig so he would rather just step down. The decision has left the Academy in a rough spot but it appears as though the show will move forward without a host, marking the first time in years that the Oscars will be hostless.

2019 Oscars Will Have No Host After Kevin Hart Scandal
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According to Variety, the organizers of the award ceremony plan to move forward without a host. Instead of signing one marquee star to headline the entire night, producers are planning to enlist several A-listers to film skits and introduce segments live. This is the first time in nearly three decades that the biggest night in movies will not have a host, making history for the 2019 edition. 

The entire situation has been a little absurd as just hours after being announced as the host, Kevin Hart dropped out of the running. Weeks had passed before his final decision was made public and now, this is the end result. Will you be tuning in?

2019 Oscars Will Have No Host After Kevin Hart Scandal
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