Atlanta loves The Carters.

That much is evidenced through a necessary two-night stop for Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “On The Run II” tour this weekend in the southern capital. That much is evidenced through the road blockage and major traffic congestion that permeated through every street surrounding the Mercedes-Benz Stadium downtown, and it was very apparent when a fan risked it all and rushed the stage Saturday night.

We must note. Hopping on the stage for your favorite rapper at the local club, a smaller scale venue, even a music festival is warranted, but the amount of guts that comes with successfully executing a plan to run up onstage with the notoriously secure Carters takes a different kind of dedication.

In the clips, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are making their final bow and walk offstage. Soon though, a random man in white is seen hopping onstage and running in the direction of the exit that the couple takes. There’s a bit of confusion at first, but it doesn’t take long for the backup dancers onstage to run and tackle the guy without any questions asked.

It was clearly a less than effective tactic, the guy didn’t get very far and Beyoncé’s publicist Yvette Noel-Schure has issued a brief statement confirming that all is well.

“Beyoncé and JAY-Z on stage tonight in Atlanta. Thank you to all the fans for your concern,” Noel-Schure wrote. “They are fine and looking forward to the show tomorrow.


Random Fan Runs Onstage During <a href="/profile/Beyonce" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Beyonce</a> And Jay-Z "OTR II" Stop in Atlanta