With his upcoming album set to drop any day now, Meek Mill has been putting in work on the courts. Though his hoop dreams may have long faded, it’s clear that Meek still nurses a soft spot for the sport of basketball. How else can you explain his willingness to bet the cost of a layman’s yearly salary on a trick shot? Though Harlem Globetrotter he is not, Meek’s skills are not to be downplayed. Such was a lesson that businessman and co-owner of both the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils, Michael Rubin, learned the hard way.

Meek took to Instagram to document a wager with Rubin. “50k bet on these shots,” writes Meek. “I had to make 1 out of 25 backward shots from half court against @michaelrubin.” At the video’s starting point, Meek misses his eleventh shot, with Rubin attempting to psyche him out with the age-old “shouting-while-shooting” tactic. Unfortunately for him, Meek only needed one more to clinch.

Watch the impressive display below, and we can only hope Meek spends his hard-fought prize money wisely.