Timbaland Claims Former Miami Mansion Squatter Has Returned To Steal His Mail

William Zamora is accused of stealing Timbaland's mail.

BYChantilly Post
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Timbaland is still dealing with issues surrounding the former tenant in his Miami mansion who only recently got kicked out and left $100K in damages. According to The Blast, Timbaland filed more court documents to add to the ongoing legal battle between William Zamora, now accusing him of breaking into his home and stealing his mail. 

The mega-producer states that in the last few weeks, someone has been “breaking through the gate” of his mansion and “stealing mail." The police have been investigating and think it is, in fact, William since “no one else would have a reason to seek to recover mail from the home” except the prior tenant.

As previously reported, Timbaland had sold the mansion and agreed to let William live there until escrow closed. The deal never ended up closing, but William refused to leave and eventually got sued for squatting. A judge ruled in favour of Timbaland and forced William to leave, but he apparently left the house in shambles and took a number of Timbaland's such as multiple TVs, mattresses, nightstands, bed frames, bar stools, dishes and more. 

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