Post Malone attended the MTV VMA Awards last night along with numerous other stars and instead of resting up in bed after a big night, the “Rockstar” singer is having a hard time making it to his next destination. According to TMZ, Post is currently on a private plane, making circles in the air to burn off some fuel before making an emergency landing. Post and his crew left from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on route to London, when one of the plane’s tires blew off during take off. 

The pilot decided to turn around to land and fix the crisis and the traffic audio obtained by the publication hears the captain describe “16 souls” on board. According to TMZ, the story is still developing and Post may very well still be in the air waiting to land, have the tire changed and be back in the air on the way to London. 

Post snagged an award last night receiving Song of the Year for “Rockstar” featuring 21 Savage. He even did a performance with Aerosmith to close out the award show. It’s safe to say it was a memorable night.