“Black Mirror’s” Will Poulter Quits Twitter After Continued Abuse

“In the interest of my mental health.”

BYBrynjar Chapman
“Black Mirror’s” Will Poulter Quits Twitter After Continued Abuse

The internet can be a ruthless place, whoever you are (just look at the comments on this website), but for those who are in the limelight, acting in the marquee show of one the biggest streaming platforms on earth, the scrutiny and the abuse become all the more intense.

Will Poulter, who acts in the new interactive "event," Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, has announced that he will be removing himself from social media "in the interest of [his] mental health." The actor played a character with spiky blonde hair and the lovely users of Twitter did not hesitate to point out the do was "ugly."

Poulter Tweeted his announcement yesterday, saying that "there is a balance to be struck in our engagements with social media. There are positives to enjoy and inevitable negatives that are best avoided. It’s a balance I have struggled with for a while now and in the interest of my mental health I feel the time has come to change my relationship with social media.”

He also gave a shoutout to the fans who watched the show in the interest of, well, the show (notice the pointed italics): “I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to everybody who has watched ‘Bandersnatch’ and for their responses (whatever they may be) to the material we created.”

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