Comedian/entertainer Lil Duval was the latest guest to air on the Breakfast Club this past week. The panel watched in awe as Lil Duval spoke his decade-long journey to where he is today. Not until the age of 41 had Duval experience “virality” in the “truest” form, not the fleeting joy of a hard-won Twitter argument, but a solid month of “virality” like he’s experiencing as we speak. His breakout single “Smile B*tch” has effectively championed the “living my best life” challenge, taking us briefly into orbit as we seek answers for the “moon landing,” among other things.

We learned that it was indeed DJ Envy that advised him to clean up “Smile B*tch” so it could reach a wider audience. Duval complied and the song went viral. Apparently the success of the record led to a label him a contract he inevitably because he couldn’t fathom being “locked down” for ten albums, it simply worked against his lifestyle.

Lil Duval revealed that the new spark in his life is in fact a love interest, a woman he’s shared a romantic friendship with for years. Could this be the cuffing checkpoint in the timeline? Duval is the least bit romantic, but maybe  his hold over the “bro code” has loosened just a bit. Peep the rest of the interview down below. Lil Duval does seem genuinely happy at this point of his life.