Kanye surprised his fans recently in his song “XTCY” by rapping: “You got sick thoughts? I got more of em’/You got a sister-in-law you’d smash? I got four of em’.” Doing M can certainly lower inhibitions, but there is always a line and this is just the latest example of Kanye crossing the line for the hell of it, for the sake of “free thought.”

Something to consider: would others cross this same line? French Montana was recently put to the test in a TMZ interview. As he walked through the airport, the camera-wielding TMZ reporter accosted him and asked if Kanye’s line was “disgusting or understandable?” French just walked–and laughed–it off, saying “happy birthday to Kylie.”

When the interviewer asked Mr. Montana more explicitly who he thought was the most attractive of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, he gave a charming, canny answer: “Kris Jenner.” French will definitely be winning some points with mothers across the globe. 

Although he isn’t as outspoken as Mr. West, the Kylie birthday wishes could maybe be a hint as to what French Montana’s heart desires. Khloe’s ex is, although no longer with her, still holding it down in terms of tact.