Dissecting the funniest, most entertaining, and outrageous tweets from some of the biggest names in rap who are on Twitter.  Twitter is intriguing to fans because it offers an un-buffered forum into the minds of some of your favorite artists.  The material is often raw and unfiltered, and lucky for us, most of these guys have no filter.

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Rap beef has passed ‘recession’, and like the US economy of ’08 has plummeted straight to ‘depression’.  The days of “Ether” vs. “The Takeover” are a thing of the past, and Kweli’s right, your two cents is not worth what it used to be, hell, in today’s diss-track landscape you would be lucky to fetch two pesos on rap battle.  Canibus must be rolling in his grave…



Fabolous chimes in on the current state of rap battles declining into ‘Twitter beef’.   He rightly draws the analogy of, today’s rappers taking to Twitter to 'Air beef', with tensions between Zack and Slater on a “Saved By the Bell” episode [And what the hell happened to Lisa's face!].  Only there was more real-life tension wondering who would get a piece of Kelly Kapowski in that show, than today’s ‘Tweets are cheap’ rap battle arena.  

If Lil Wayne is Zack, and Pusha T is Slater, does that mean Kanye’s going to barge in shouting “what is going on here?!” as the role of Mr. Belding?


I can’t stand when I get good customer service either.   How does Prodigy react to poor customer service?  What if he was in a store like Target.  I know what he means, I can’t stand good cordial customer service either.  

Dude should take his own advice and "Drink Away the Pain." 


You have to applaud The Game championing people to get tested for venereal diseases.  His fear of someone catching a VD from a skeevy girl and bringing “dat nasty shit home” is unfounded though.  Even if you know a person that has a VD you’re in the clear as long as you aren’t nestled up beside them in bed.  That shit isn’t airborne like the Ebola virus.  


You ever have a girl borrow a hoodie from you and not return it and she says “it smells like you”?  I guess that’s how Rohzay is with borrowing blunts from girls.  


Amber Rose is sex incarnate and has a body so banging it looks like she was designed in a video-ho lab.  She dated Kanye “fucking” West, and is now the long-time partner of Taylor Gang’s Wiz Khalifa – and her bucket list, outrageous feats she hopes to accomplish before she dies, includes a trip to Compton?  I can see visiting Compton because you’ve always been enamored with the ‘G Culture’ associated with it, but to include it as a lifetime achievement?  Unless she got some fantastic deals as the Compton Swap Meet.  


Tough to gauge if Maine is putting cats on blast or not, I mean, who is his next door neighbor, and how tough is he/she?  I guess it all depends on what kind of neighborhood he lives in, if it’s somewhere like Compton then his neighbor is probably hard as hell.  


I realize this was tweeted as a kind of joke, but how are you going to have ‘Machine Gun’ in your name, and talk about blankets in your “bunk” giving you the willies.  Might have to drop the ‘Gun’ from his name and start calling him ‘Machine Bunk Kelly’.  He could be like “you on the bottom, I’m up on the top.”  


You can just hear the moderator of the addiction group now: “The first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem, and we’re here to help you.  But please, Freddie, no last names, we’re trying to keep this anonymous. “


Slim Thug, a staple at ‘140 Bars or Less’, and early frontrunner for “Father of the Year”, tweets to his 300,000+ followers about the pain of being dragged to see his son dance, and how he’d be more pleased if he was attending a game his son was playing in.  Slim, you work in the entertainment industry, what’s so wrong with singing and dancing, seems yourself and a lot of folks you know make a great living off of it.