Truly a bizarre scenario, this was not the first time a rapper’s Twitter was hacked, but it was the first time the hacker posted demands on the artist’s timeline. Reminiscent of the 90s movie “Airheads” when a struggling band takes a radio station hostage demanding their demo gets played, the man would not relinquish the Twitter account until he received $10,000 and his online mixtape was heard by the masses. Later, the situation devolved into a full-blown “Stan” scenario, as he revealed himself to be a massive fan of Bow Wow. In the end the hacker/rapper/fan got emotional and felt hurt that Bow Wow’s followers were unfairly attacking him. Here's the tweet by tweet recap of Bow Wow’s Twitter being held hostage.

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Starting out strong and threatening, the hacker feels powerful having Bow Wow’s Twitter page and gives his demand: $10,000 or else! He mentions he has all the direct messages Bow Wow receives from females, but not quite sure what he is threatening to do with them. He has already established that Bow Wow has lost control of his account. What’s he going to do, set up a date with Trina?

After a few minutes, the hacker adds an addendum to his demands: everyone download his mixtape. It’s almost as if this was an afterthought. Then he complains that it’s “not fair” that Bow Wow has so many woman hollering at him, and starts plugging his own mixtape. I’ll give him this, it’s a brazen marketing strategy.

Apparently this aspiring rapper expected people to be converted from Bow Wow fans to fans of his own after they heard the mixtape. Followers start chiming in, and the hacker seems almost confused by the negative response, like he was half-expecting a record deal to be thrown at him after this stunt.

This is around the point where things take a turn for the worse for this would-be rapper/hacker. His brain is having trouble processing why people would be attacking him and his beloved mixtape. He thinks people are being “mean” for no reason, and they are just jealous that he will be collaborating with Bow Wow. To him, this is a Bow Wow-hosted mixtape release.

The hacker finally gets his wish and Universal contacts him, although it wasn’t the multi-million dollar contract he was expecting. At this point he tells all the followers taking shots at him to find religion, cause clearly anyone who isn’t feeling his mixtape “has no soul”. Adding “hey, if I had an extra $10K I wouldn’t have to do this.”

Now the turning point, when he exposes himself as a type of “Stan”, saying he is actually a big fan of Bow Wow’s, and doesn't understand why the rapper wouldn’t want to reach out and help a fan. Things went from humorous to downright pathetic, and “it’s just my turn to be heard. Sign me” is the last we hear from him…that is until he drops his next mixtape. I wonder who he’ll hack next to promote that tape.