It’s not always easy being a teenager. Feelings you’ve never felt before start coursing through you, leaving you confused and afraid of the world at large; sometimes, such confusion can lead to uncontrollable rage, which can in turn lead to high pitched utterances and destructive behaviour. Sometimes, when a young man finds himself engulfed in a whirlwind of fame, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage those outbursts. Such is reality for Lil Pump, who recently shared a video of himself mid-temper tantrum, after allegedly “losing” his upcoming Harverd Dropout tape.

Now, it should be noted that we live in an era where trolls run freely, sometimes even living out prosperous lives. It’s entirely possible that Pump’s outburst was merely another bout of trollery, a raw moment of method acting if you will. Yet one has to wonder if Pump, perhaps in a drug-addled stupor, ultimately went on to lose his album after all. It’s not entirely unprecedented, though it’s difficult to imagine that no backup files exist. I suppose he might have misplaced an important hard-drive, though it seems irresponsible to leave such important devices in the hands of a man named Pump.

Provided that he has indeed lost his album, we wish him luck in finding it. Say what you will about the divisive young star, but no artist deserves to lose their work. Granted, given his affinity for damaging property that doesn’t belong to him, one has to wonder what the Karma Gods have in store.