Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard JJ Redick may have been witness to some foul play earlier this week in New York City, after discovering a woman hidden in the back seat of his taxi.

During a recent episode of “The JJ Redick Podcast,” the veteran shooting guard explained to Orlando Magic rookie Mo Bamba what went down after finishing a photo shoot for the fashion line Mr. Porter. Following the shoot, Redick says he, his wife and her sister got into the Cadillac Escalade livery cab arranged by Mr. Porter. During the drive, Redick’s sister-in-law alerted him there was a person hidden under a blanket in the back of the car. From there, Redick says the trio asked the driver to pull over so they could get out. 

Redick says (H/T Sports Illustrated):

“So the car is like facing … sort of perpendicular to us. And I’m like, ‘Sir, I think there’s a person in your backseat.’

“And so he lifts the blanket up, but like towards the window, so that the blanket is facing up, so we couldn’t see cause we were on the sidewalk—perpendicular to the car, not behind the car. And he’s like ‘No, there’s nothing in here. There’s nothing in here.’ And he closes the blanket back, and then he closes the trunk.

“And as he’s like walking around to the front seat, a head pops up. [Bamba starts to laugh.]

“It’s the—no, this is not funny. There’s a back of a female’s head. She’s got blond hair, there’s a ponytail, and based on the size of the box or cage that this person is in, it’s like either, like a very small human, or a child. And I’m like, ‘We all saw it, right?’

“So he drives off, and then Kylee, now at this point, it’s like, ‘Are you sure? Was that a dog? Was that a dog with like a very fury tail?’

“And she’s like, ‘No. The reason I said there was a person is because I saw movement in my peripheral—out of my right eye. So I turned around, and the blanket was moving. So when I looked back, like half of a human face came out of the blanket. I saw a woman’s eyes, woman’s face, woman’s blond hair.'”

“It definitely was not a dog, I will say that,” Redick continued. “It was a human being in the backseat of his car, under a blanket, in some sort of box or cage. That’s my story.”

The police and car service agency were both notified after the ordeal, but Redick says he hadn’t heard back from the police at the time of the recording of the podcast.

JJ Redick

JJ Redick Tells Story Of Finding Caged Woman In Back Of NYC Taxi