CJ McCollum really has no love for the Golden State Warriors. The Portland Trailblazers guard infamously got into a debate with Kevin Durant earlier this year, when the reigning 2x Finals MVP joined McCollum for his podcast.  When McCollum made his dislike for Durant joining the Warriors clear, the latter commented, “You know you guys aren’t gonna win a championship.” A clearly aggravated McCollum answered, “We have the team, we have the capabilities, anything is possible. We can win a championship bro.” Still, Durant wasn’t feeling it and joked about the Trailblazers’ chances to win a championship. 

Although Durant was criticized for his comments by the internet, he claimed it was all love between him and McCollum. But, is it really? While in China, McCollum threw some more shade Durant’s way. While on CCTV Sports, McCollum was asked about players like Cousins or Durant, who join stacked teams to make them even more powerful. “I would never do anything of that nature,” McCollum answered. “I think that’s disgusting. I’m not built like those guys. I was raised differently.”

When asked if he thinks super teams are the future of the NBA, McCollum answered, “I think some players will take that route, but most guys have too much pride, want to really win on their own or under certain organizations, and aren’t just going to jump the bandwagon.”