Wiz Khalifa's UFC Dreams Shut Down By Sean O'Malley: "He's Got No Chance"

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Maybe Wiz can be Sean O'Malley's next opponent?

If you've been keeping an eye on Wiz Khalifa over the last year, you'll have noticed a steady improvement in terms of his muscle mass. Once the spitting image of a skeleton, Wiz has been in MMA training for nearly a year, recording his workouts on his Instagram story regularly. Last month, Wiz's trainer Jay Glazer noted that he believes the Rolling Papers rapper could be a threat in professional MMA. Unfortunately for Wiz, not many seem to share his trainer's ambition. When approached by TMZ, mixed martial artist Sean O'Malley gave his thoughts on if Wiz could ever survive in the octagon and his response was less than favorable.

While he would love to roll up with the Khalifa Kush maestro, O'Malley just doesn't think Wiz is cut out for fighting, even considering his recent strides in training. The rapper himself has admitted that he would only consider accepting a pro fight if the money was right and, while he would undoubtedly bring the UFC a ton of money per appearance, it's unlikely that he's at that level yet. From what he's seen in Wiz's training, O'Malley gives a simple "No way" response to if he could ever put up a fight in the ring. "He's got no chance," elaborated O'Malley, "Like zero. Nothing against him it's just like, I've been training since I was sixteen. I've been training a lot. He's super into the music industry and you gotta take it like a full-time job."

Well, there go Wiz's dreams of becoming a UFC fighter. Sean O'Malley is currently recovering from a broken foot and he doesn't have his next opponent set up yet. Maybe Wiz could make his debut against him?

Wiz Khalifa & Sean O'Malley

Wiz Khalifa's UFC Dreams Shut Down By Sean O'Malley: "He's Got No Chance"
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