Tyler, The Creator is a very free-talking individual, so it may comes as no surprise that he and his Odd Future affiliates do not care at all about White people using the word “nigga.” In his usual form, the OF frontman jumped from topic to topic while speaking to Hot 97, and one topic which arose was the use of “nigga” by White people.

 “We don’t actually give a fuck about that shit,” Tyler said when asked about the word. “Mothafuckers who care are the reason why racism is still alive if you think about it.” 

“I guess people my age, were not even thinking about that,” Tyler said on why he doesn’t care about White people using the n-word. “When you think like that you keep the racism alive and that’s not even on my palette.”

When asked what he does stand for, Tyler keeps it simple in a way we’d expect from the rapper. “Being rich and trying to have as much fun as I can,” he said.

Tyler also discusses his album, Wolf, very briefly, and his time at the Grammys (his favorite moments include taking a “selfy” with Big Sean, and watching Jack White perform) in the video below.

And in other, completely random news, peep the photo of Tyler photo-bombing Donald Trump’s photo with Taco above (Tyler performed on Jimmy Fallon last night, where Donald was a guest).


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Tyler, The Creator Says He Doesn't "Give A Fuck" About White People Using N-Word">