Many people are stoked on the next season of CW’s The Flash. The show’s fifth season is expected to debut on October 9th, 2018. With anything that has high anticipation surrounding it, fans have been eager to get any sort of information pertaining to the upcoming season. Recently, a glimpse of Barry Allen’s new costume leaked onto the web. Garry Gustin was clearly not pleased with the leak but he was even more disappointed in the body shaming that came along with it.

Garry Gustin hit the ‘Gram to address the recent leaked photo of his forthcoming costume Flash. He explained that the suit wasn’t the finalized version of it and that there’s still work that needs to be done. He also said that he was unaware that the photo was even taken. However, what he’s more upset about is the people on the Internet who’ve been body shaming him due to his thin physique.

“I’ve had 20+ years of kids and adults telling me or my parents I was too thin. I’ve had my own journey of accepting it. But there’s a double standard where it’s ok to talk shit about a dudes body. I do my best to stay in shape and add as much size as I can through the seasons.” He said, “I’m naturally thin, and my appetite is greatly affected by stress. Stress is something that ebbs and flows for me throughout a season. Thus, gaining weight is a challenge for me.”

He added, “I love the suit that has been designed for me and I think everyone see it in its entirety will love it too. Thinks have been adjusted since that leaked show was taken, and more things will continue to be adjusted until it feels right.”