Cleveland Cavaliers guard Jordan Clarkson recently made an appearance on The Road Trippin’ podcast with Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye and Allie Clifton, and he delivered a patently outrageous take about dinosaurs that rivals Kyrie Irving’s flat Earth theory.

According to Clarkson, dinosaurs used to be pets of “bigger people,” who he estimates were roughly three times larger than the now extinct creatures they once domesticated. 

H/T Slam:

“Clarkson: ‘Y’all know how we got dogs and stuff right? So, I think it was bigger people in the world before us, and the dinosaurs was they pets.’

“DJ Montage: ‘How big were these people?’

“Clarkson: ‘Oh, you look at a dinosaur. They got to be three times bigger than them.'”

But that’s not all, Clarkson also mentioned that he believes mermaids could be down at the bottom of the ocean “just chilling.”

“Bruh, we don’t even know if dinosaurs is real—they probably down there just chilling,” Clarkson started (H/T Sports Illustrated). “I’m saying, if some of them could be down just all the way in the bottom just chilling. And asleep or something. And waiting for the time to come out.”

He also told The Road Trippin’ hosts that the moon-landing wasn’t real (H/T Sports Illustrated):

“I don’t believe when they went to the moon,” Clarkson started.

“You think it was a conspiracy?” Nance questioned.

“I think they was in a studio in Hollywood and recorded that,” Clarkson explained. “Straight up. I’m just being dead honest.”

You can listen to the full podcast here, the wild theories begin at around the 40-minute mark.

Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson Thinks Dinosaurs Were Pets For "Bigger People"