Azealia Banks Drops "Pyrex Princess" Amidst All The Drama

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Azealia Banks releases "Pyrex Princess" amid all the Elon Musk melodrama.

Whatever compelled Azealia to pan her project in the winter when she was trading barbs with Cardi B, no longer persists. The Harlem emcee snuck in her new single "Pyrex Princess" in the midst of her strange triangulation with Grimes and Elon Musk who were thought to be keeping house until recently. Azealia hasn't had to duck for cover because for once she is facing someone more troubled than herself. Would it be crazy to say that Azealia's current "jouissance" coincides with the rise and the fall of the Tesla empire. I think not.

Azealia's sophomore album Fantasea II: The Second Wave is back in the works. The project which already has a few singles to its name, will eventually drop later in the year. After espousing her other influences, Azealia has triumphantly returned to spitting bars in the style of a New York fortune teller.

Quotable Lyrics:

One hundred grand, n**** she did it again
Ridin' around in the Benz
Fuck up a band
Double it, triple it, and
Coke and the rock in a pan
I got the plan
You just a regular jan
You just a follower, fan
Fuck with your man
I'll never hit it again
These n****s know who I am

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