Jennifer Lopez is a storied musician and actor, having influenced many with her skills on-camera and on the microphone. While she did star in one of the universally-agreed-upon worst films of all time in Gigli, she’s outlived that terrible script to continue to build an impressive legacy. Set to receive the MTV Video Vanguard award at their upcoming award ceremony, Lopez is one of Hollywood’s finest at this point. However, one of her recent outfit decisions made crowds all over scratch their heads as to why she was so comfortable while her pants were falling off.

Rocking a pair of Versace denim boots, JLo walked the streets to much confusion. Causing Twitter to lose control all at once, many were commenting on the fit by pointing out how much her boots look like a pair of jeans that have simply fallen down from her hips. Of course, the look was accentuated by the fact that Lopez was literally wearing no pants, rocking an oversized button-down shirt instead as a dress. She really wasn’t helping herself here. At the end of the day, even though it looked like she was experiencing a very lengthy wardrobe malfunction, she looked damn good. Also, we’re sure the entire outfit costs somewhere in the thousands so she can keep doing her.

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