Social media has become inseparable from today's society. Outlets such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are used constantly worldwide, and have become the main methods of direct communication between individuals the world over. The rapid evolution and increased use of social media has fuelled our collective fascination with "celebrity" and pop culture, having become both a driving force of modern life and a source of entertainment within it.

As such, it comes as no surprise that the notions of celebrity and social media now come hand in hand. Celebrities are able to connect with fans through these platforms and build their respective brands from the ground up, and fans appreciate the transparency and immediacy of it all. There are instances, however, when social media reveals the dark side of celebrity; instances where emotion gets the best of these social icons, or simply moments where thought is absent and actions are brash. Simply put: social media fails.

Hip-hop artists have certainly had their fair share of embarrassing and/or outlandish Internet moments, and we've examined some of them here. Scroll through the list - we think you'll agree most of them deserve an "SMH."