Sampha Sisay, the Morden, South London-bred singer/producer sensation has been introduced into the mainstream world of music several times. Eben before his 2013 collaboration with Drake for the unforgettable NWTS track "Too Much" Sampha had been making a name for himself in the UK music scene on the Young Turks label and had built up an impressive catalog of collaborations with artists like SBTRKT, Jean Deaux, Jessie Ware and more.

Now, in 2017, after several years of being active in the industry, a slew of high-profile collabs and only two small EP's, Sampha has released his debut album Process and is transitioning into mega-stardom quite gracefully. His genre-blending skills as a producer and silky texture vocals allow him to emerge as one of the front-runners for the next generation of multi-platform artist and with his fledgling career on a massive upward trend, we can only expect that Sampha's star power will shine for years to come.

So this week's essentials feature seeks to tell the intricate and gripping story of Sampha's success through his music.

Click through the gallery to experience Sampha's humble beginnings and come up throughout the years.