In case your evening might benefit from some good old fashioned trolling, 03 Greedo has emerged from beneath the bridge with the remedy. The Los Angeles rapper recently made headlines after engaging in one of the biggest hip-hop faux-pas, the posthumous disrespect of a legend. To be specific, Greedo previously called 2Pac a "bitch ass n***a" back in March, which drew the ire of the hip-hop community (although Lil Xan certainly got it worse). Today, Greedo has once again come through with some premium trollish behavior, this time directed at the acclaimed rapper J. Cole.

In case you missed it, Cole announced his new album KOD last night, which is set to drop this Friday. While plenty reacted to the surprise drop with excitement, Greedo was not among that crowd. In fact, the rapper basically told J. Cole to keep it, tweeting out a simple response. ""No Thanx J Cole."

It didn't take long for Cole's goons to rise to the KOD rapper's defense, with one in particular challenging Greedo to drop a project the same day. After feeling particularly tested by the negative onslaught, Greedo decided it was time to put the money where his mouth is, posting an actual record of his streaming revenue. Ultimately, Greedo seems content to stir the pot, but let's be honest. J. Cole will be just fine.