Most artists do not feel afraid to speak ill of Wendy Williams. She's by far the most dramatic TV show host out there and for those who crave all the tea, her program is perfect for you. If you're not into the Hollywood shenanigans, you should probably skip it. She's divisive as all hell and recently, she caused a stir when she made a chart to outline all of Future's baby mothers. Fewtch even responded to her, claiming his net worth was way more than hers. Some have tried to disprove that fact, but he ended up getting the last word in. Now, she's trying to recreate the same controversy by making a similar chart for Fetty Wap.

On one of her shows this week, the host created a chart to represent all of Fetty Wap's different baby's moms, listing a graph with six women pictured. Wendy makes sure to hammer home the fact that three of the women were pregnant at the same time, labeling his children "hood triplets." Her image included Masika, who is the most famous of the six for her role on Love & Hip-Hop, a woman called Turquoise Miami, and somebody they couldn't picture because she's a "lady of the evening." 

Fetty Wap has not responded to the segment yet but Wendy seems to be having fun doing this. She'll likely continue as it's proven to get her audience all riled up.