Just as a disclaimer, you won't find Detox on this list. We gave up on that a long time ago. We can only assume at this point that Dre is swimming in a literal pool of Apple money somewhere, Scrooge McDuck style. What you will find on this list however is a whole bunch of projects that we cannot wait any longer for, we need them. The anticipation is killing us, and we're tired of the pushbacks and rumors (looking at you, Fif). Hip hop as a genre has been so amazing the past few years, that we can only expect things to keep getting better. Knowing this makes us salivate over the next crop of great albums like a fat kid in line at Chipotle deciding what kind of meat he wants (for the record, he orders half chicken, half steak).

On this list, we'll count down the most hotly-anticipated projects, trying to avoid the ones that are merely rumors, focusing on albums that either have solidified release dates, or have at least been confirmed by the artist and/or label to be dropping before year's end. As usual (except for last week), we'll run down the Top 10, plus a few that just missed the cut.