We're a day late on this, but better late than never. Archibald Slim, the Awful Records rapper/producer behind last year's excellent He's Drunk! tape (along with seven other projects in 2014), dropped off a new eight track release yesterday called The Other Special Guest that's entirely self-produced. Fellow Awful members Stalin Majesty, Lord Narf and Pyramid Quince guest.

The project includes the previously-released "Some Mo," as well as "TOSG," which just received a video earlier today. Speaking with Mass Appeal about the album, Slim said:

"I came up with the title initially as a joke because there was a show where I was the only performer whose name wasn’t on the flier, but it said, 'other special guests.' But really, it’s about how people don’t really go far enough into figuring out what an artist is about. The fact that we’re 'Awful Records' seems to trump the fact that we’re actually individual artists and everybody keeps just trying to lump us together. I don’t feel as though people actually pay attention to everything that goes on, only what people think is popular, and I NEVER really plan to make music catered toward the radio. Being that I don’t want to sound like everything else that everyone’s doing, I feel like I get overlooked a lot as far as specificity. People have short attention spans and everything that’s catchy catches on, but since I don’t make CATCHY music, it puts me outside that sphere of attention. Radio rappers headline, while I’m more underground, making me The Other Special Guest, which is also why [the SoundCloud description] says, 'You can only stay sleep for so long.'

The Other Special Guest is available to stream below, and will be available for purchase shortly from iTunes.