SAINt JHN's ascendant rise continues, set to the now-familiar score of the wildly-popular "Roses Iambek Remix." In fact, the multi-talented artist recently secured himself a truly impressive plaque, one that celebrates his globally celebrated anthem with a staggering number of platinum achievements laid on display. In fact, his own count places the total as sixty-seven, with the remixed "Roses" going either platinum or diamond in over twenty-eight different countries.

Saint JHN

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Suffice it to say, he's not kidding when writes "I got my roses while I was still living." And though it's not always easy to follow-up such a runaway hit, SAINt JHN has been wasting little time in plotting his next move. As of now, his next project WTWWB, described by the man himself as a "collection," has been confirmed for release on October 16th.

At this point, concrete information surrounding the project remains scarce, though JHN has been generous in previewing snippets and glimpses of new music on his IG page. As such, it's rumored that tracks like "Selfie Mode," "Drink & Drive," "Say You Love Me," and "Balance" will ultimately make an official appearance on his forthcoming collection. As it happens, we won't have to wait much longer to find out. Look for SAINt JHN to do it again with WTWWB, and in the meantime be sure to run those "Roses" numbers up even further. Do you think he'll be able to top what he's already accomplished?