Sahbabii is far from a new act that only emerged in the past few months. The rapper's single, "Pull Up Wit Ah Stick" became one of the biggest singles in the streets in 2017 and getting remixed but it wasn't a defining "breakout" moment for the Atlanta-via-Chicago rapper. However, he hasn't stopped working. 2017's S.A.N.D.A.S helped push his career further while 2018's Squidtastic cemented him as one of the rising young acts with a lot of potential. His music is distinctive to his personality, much like fellow Atlanta rapper Young Thug. We recently caught up with Sahbabii for the latest episode of "On The Come Up" where he breaks down his writing style, the "unknownism" ideology, Young Thug and more.

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"Unknownism, that's an ideology I had created. It's just accepting the fact that you don't know everything and then, we just don't go by no rules," Sahbabii explained to HNHH. "I created this ideology, probably when I was younger. And I just live by that. It's basically like free-thinking. Like I said, it's just accepting the fact that you don't know everything -- Like, I think about all kind of stuff that go on, like, stuff that happened outer space. It's just basically free-thinking."

Although he defines it as an ideology, it's also something that he clearly applies to his music. The rapper explained that even when he does ad-libs, he simply experiments and catches a vibe from his surroundings.

"It just be goin' off the vibe. Like when I'm in a room in the room by myself -- 'cause that's how I record. That's why I don't like people in the studio with me. I might just put anything on the track," he said. "It might be sounding like anything to somebody else like if I was in a big studio, recording that, people would be like 'What is he doing?' or whatever. But, I just be in my own vibe."

Sahbabii received comparisons to Young Thug early on in his career, with many dubbing him as one of the first post-Thugger rappers. Thug was one of the first to pick up on Sahbabii who praised the rapper for not only showing him love, but for also thinking freely despite what everyone else says.

"Thug, he had flew me out to London... Thug, he a cool guy. He showed some love like that, he a genuine person," he said. "Thug, he be free-thinking too. He do whatever he want."

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Photo By HNHH