"Dat Stick" viral phenomenon Rich Chigga has been expanding his presence in the rap game for a minute now, and the Indonesian rapper recently sat down with XXL for an interview. As Drake's music actually helped Chigga learn English, the rapper showed his love by breaking down his favorite Drake albums from best to...slightly less best. While it's clear that Drake has a solid discography, the number one spot is often subject to debate. Some firmly ride with team "Take Care," while others die for "Nothing Was The Same." And those are just the studio albums. 

Chigga gives Views the last place slot, showing it love but claiming 2016 suffered from a bit of Drake over-saturation in general. Thank Me Later came in third, with Chigga showing love to "Fireworks" and "Fancy" and praising Drizzy's introduction to the game. His second place goes to Nothing Was The Same, which Chigga says is "like Take Care, but less emotional." Take Care is his number one choice, prompting Chigga to reflect on a time when listening to Drake wasn't considered "cool."

"I was like listening to Take Care and shit, like oh my god it feels so bad listening to this," laughs Chigga. "This feels so wrong but it feels so good." 

Check it out below, along with the full interview over at XXL