Migos - Noisey's Atlanta Documentary (Ep. 2)

Rose Lilah
January 20, 2015 13:33

Watch the second instalment in Noisey's documentary series about ATL.

A week ago Noisey kicked off their anticipated documentary series examining rappers and life in Atlanta. The first episode set the stage for what's to come, with appearances from Curtis Snow, Bleu DaVinci and other. Now they've unveiled the second episode in the series, where we get to meet Migos.

We start off at a strip club in the ATL where the three rappers are shooting a music video. From there we head to their mansion in the Atlanta suburbs/country club area. The video touches on all the violence that has surrounded Migos, from fans getting shot, to Quavo having his chain snatched, and they also discuss linking up with Gucci Mane and manager Coach K.

Watch the new episode above.

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Noisey's Atlanta Documentary (Ep. 2)