NBA fans have been distraught over the last three weeks due to the fact that the league is completely out of commission and it could stay that way for a very long time. The Coronavirus has proven to be no laughing matter and the league is taking its spread very seriously. With this in mind, the league still wants to continue the season especially when you consider how many teams have played close to 65 out of 82 games. 

According to the New York Post, the NBA is considering numerous options for when they return. One of the options they are thinking about is having all 30 teams play out the rest of the season as a neutral site without fans. This neutral site would most likely be Las Vegas. They are also thinking of playing 5-7 more regular-season games so that every team has 70 games played.

Adam Silver

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

From there, the playoffs could see a drastic shift, as well. There would still be 16 teams to make it to the postseason although there is a chance every single series could be a best-of-three as opposed to seven. In fact, one-off games aren't off the table although we are sure fans and players wouldn't want to go for that.

Regardless, the NBA is ready to move mountains to get this season in and that should be encouraging for fans everywhere.