NAV and Wheezy picked the perfect night to release their collaborative mixtape Emergency Tsunami, which has already become a fan-favorite due to Young Wheezy's ability to create a wavy soundscape, and NAV's confidence to ride that wave without fear.

The two make a formidable duo, as evidenced on the brand new project from the rapper-producer tandem.

Last night's release slate was relatively less busy than in recent weeks, possibly because of the ongoing election, which has lots of people focusing more on politics and passing over whatever music came out. It's almost impossible to avoid NAV and Wheezy's splash on Emergency Tsunami though.

The people have spoken and, although it has its down moments, overall, this is a dope project that should not go overlooked by trap music fans.

Wheezy is one of the most influential producers in recent memory, collaborating with a who's who in Atlanta's massive pool of rap talent. While NAV isn't always the most appreciated artist, he has come through strong at multiple points in his career and, as of late, he's really picked it up to deliver some quality sounds.

Wheezy is being praised tremendously for his efforts on this mixtape, with positive comments flowing in for the 28-year-old Tennessee native. NAV is also getting some love for his ability to add to the sauce, sprinkling some of his seasoning and delivering some great results.

Have you listened to the new tape? What did you think?