After giving everyone a positive spin with the Hottest Songs of 2014, we're getting brutally honest and critical today with the Most Disappointing Projects of 2014. Following 2013’s parade of ridiculously good albums, it was hard to keep pace and not get left behind from the jump. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened with some of the releases of 2014. Sure, there were a couple outstanding albums this year, like YG’s My Krazy Life, but did the bad outweigh the good? In 2014, it hurts to admit there may have been far more forgettable albums than there were unforgettable ones- but we’re not letting these albums slip away from memory just yet. To bury these albums once and for all, we've created a top 10 list of the most disappointing projects of the year. Some of these releases we really did have high hopes for, and others, the disappointment was inevitable from the jump. Enter at your own risk.

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