iLoveMakonnen Songs

  • Flippin All Night
    Flippin All Night
    Last night, Makonnen dropped off ILoveMakonnen 2, the sequel to his debut EP released in July 2014. Makonnen's new material is a turn away from the pop sound of "Tuesday," or anything else you might expect to hear on an OVO release. Instead, it's a collection of endlessly catchy trap cuts. Makonnen adds his unique charisma to typical trap motifs, and the result is something that's at once new and familiar.
  • Second Chance
    Second Chance
    iLoveMakonnen's self-titled EP still sounds as great as it ever did, and by the sounds of his new single, the follow-up should be just as memorable. "Second Chance" is a ballad that measures up with Makonnen's best love songs, but his dissonant piano chords have been replaced with a glossy DJ Mustard bounce, aligning it with the current RnBass trend while still keeping the singer's singular vocal style as the driving force.
  • Big Gucci
    Big Gucci
    It's 10/17, otherwise known as National Gucci Mane Day, and we have our first tribute to the Trap God from none other than iLoveMakonnen. Makonnen has often praised Guwop as a tastemaker within Atlanta, and his new track once again enforces Gucci's influence, bookended by the refrain -- "My niggas still trappin' hard, making plays in the south / And they can't wait 'til Big Gucci get out".
  • Tequila Me
    Tequila Me
    Rich the Kid and iLoveMakonnen will be dropping their upcoming mixtape Whip It via HNHH. After dropping off "Workin It," earlier this week, the eccentric Atlantic pair shares a new track "Tequila Me" in an HNHH premiere.
  • Workin It
    Workin It
    Hours after announcing their upcoming joint project, Whip It Up, Rich the Kid and iLoveMakonnen have shared the first track off the tape, "Still Workin." The new song, which was apparently recorded this past weekend during the A3C Festival in Atlanta, is produced by Sonny Digital as well as Makonnen. 
  • All Black Hummer
    All Black Hummer
    Father just dropped his Papicodone EP on Soundcloud (coming soon to iTunes), and along with a couple records we've already been spinning over the last few weeks, he's included some brand new songs, including the Awful Records crew track, "All Black Hummer".
  • Why'd You Call?
    Why'd You Call?
    DJ Mustard just dropped some new heat, despite having released a mixtape full of heat the other week, 10 Summers. He took to Instagram to let his fans know this one's in anticipation of Hard Fest, one of the many festivals going down this coming weekend. Mustard dabbles in EDM in the production on "Why'd You Call," appropriate, given that electronic music is the main genre represented at Hard Fest. Are you feeling the sampling of EDM through out the record? 
  • Pussy Money Dope
    Pussy Money Dope
    It’s been a minute since Keith Jenkins last impacted our pages, but with his Black Bart 2 project set to arrive next Friday, July 31st, the Bay Area rapper decides to share another leak off it today titled “Pussy Money Dope” featuring fellow Pack member Lil B & ATL’s ILoveMakonnen.
  • I Like Tuh (Remix)
    I Like Tuh (Remix)
    In February, DJ Carnage released a banger featuring ILoveMakonnen, "I Like Tuh." Makonnen often receives mixed reviews from users on HNHH, but this record was pretty well-received-- it's not hard to see why, the beat is catchy. Today Carnage brings us back to the song, with the addition of Lil Wayne and Bay Area spitter G-Eazy on the official remix.
  • Leave It There
    Leave It There
    Sonny Digital is partially responsible for some of iLoveMakonnen's biggest hits, including "Tuesday" and "I Don't Sell Molly No More," so it's exciting to the two working together once again. Their latest effort is a little more subdued than the previously mentioned club records. "Leave It There" is a ballad at heart, but Sonny provides some driving sub-bass that keeps the momentum up throughout.
  • Interviews (Remix)
    Interviews (Remix)
    Brodisnki's "Interviews" first appeared on his slept-on debut album, Brava. While the record originally featured iLoveMakonnen and Yung Gleesh, the latter (possibly due to his sexual assault charges) has been removed from the remix, replaced by Bricc Baby (who looks like he may have finally released the "Shitro" appendage from his name), who appeared on many of the other records on Brodinski's album.
  • Where Your Girl At?
    Where Your Girl At?
    Since being plucked out of relative obscurity, it seemed for a brief moment that iLoveMakonnen might pursue crossover success. However, with the release of Drink More Water 5, it was clear that the Atlanta warbler wouldn't be compromising his singular experimental style, and his new record, "Where Your Girl At?" bears the same eccentricities that made us fall in love with his music in the first place.
  • Straight Top
    Straight Top
    iLoveMakonnen, Key! and Sonny Digital are currently criss-crossing the country on their joint "Loudest Of the Loud" tour, and today, they drop off a party favor for us. This one's called "Straight Top," and it's some of the best music we've heard from each of them this year.
  • Super Chef
    Super Chef
    iLoveMakonnen is currently out on his Loudest Of The Loud tour with Key! and Sonny Digital but still found the time to drop a loose single, "Super Chef." Makonnen utilizes exactly one flow as he raps about cooking lasagna and making money, and this Gold-produced piano 'n' hi-hat beat will get stuck in your head like an ice cream truck song from hell. If you liked Drink More Water 5, you're gonna love "Super Chef."
  • Whip It (Remix)
    Whip It (Remix)
    Originally listed as a freestyle on Drink More Water 4, iLoveMakonnen's "Whip It" just got a whole lot crazier. Adding Migos and Rich the Kid to the mix, Makonnen turns, to borrow a phrase from his own "21st Street," this song into a single. We get new verses from Quavo, Offset, Takeoff and Rich The Kid, and perhaps most importantly, a hearty smattering of Migos' famous "whip!" ad-libs.
  • Drink More Water 5 (Freestyle)
    Drink More Water 5 (Freestyle)
    ILoveMakonnen is promoting proper hydration as well as his new mixtape with the freestyle "Drink More Water 5." The OVO-signed singer will be continuing his Drink More Water series on March 31st, with the release of Drink More Water 5 mixtape.
  • I Like Tuh
    I Like Tuh
    If you're not yet super familiar with OVO's new signee ILoveMakonnen, this song will get you properly acquainted, as it acts as of list of things Makonnen likes to do. The singer has sky-rocketed to success with his club hit "Tuesday," and he's aiming for round two with this latest club banger from DJ Carnage. Once again we get a catchy hook and turnt up production. It's actually a great song to get you motivated to start your day.
  • I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston Tribute)
    I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston Tribute)
    Wednesday marked the 3-year anniversary of Whitney Houston’s tragic passing. To pay homage to the iconic singer, ATL artist, iLoveMakonnen, decided to release this tribute track in her honor called “I Will Always Love You”.
  • Young Hot Ebony (Remix)
    Young Hot Ebony (Remix)
    Last year, Father's album Young Hot Ebony supplied ten raunchy, snap music and booty bass-influenced jams highlighted by the iLoveMakonnen and Key!-assisted hit, "Look At Wrist." Today, Makonnen and Father's Awful Records cohort RichPoSlim hop on a remix of the project's title track.  With Makonnen calling himself the "red dragon" and RichPoSlim slipping in a killer mini verse in the song's fourth quarter, the song is most definitely improved by their unique presences.  Quotable Lyrics
  • 21st Street (Remix)
    21st Street (Remix)
    After having a break-out year in 2014, ILoveMakonnen is looking to keep his buzz alive in 2015 with a new project on the way, Drink More Water 5. The series began before he blew up, so if new fans missed out on it, they'll be introduced by way DMW 5. Recently he dropped off "Super Clean" from the forthcoming EP, and today we get a remix of "21st Street" featuring Snoop Dogg, which could also make the EP.