Lil Yachty isn't afraid to give his honest opinion, which makes him a perfect candidate for Pitchfork's Over/Under series, where artists are presented with topics and categorize them as either "overrated" or "underrated. Yachty and his good friend and collaborator The Good Perry (formerly Burberry Perry) sat down to weigh in on a number of topics, including Tom Hanks, taxes, Biggie, and fake IDs.

"We actually were both kind of good kids. We didn't really club. If you can't get in, just don't go," said Yachty, explaining that he never had any desire to get a fake ID. "We never drunk alcohol." This led to Perry telling a story about the one time he tried beer, describing the taste as "salty pee," which had both rappers cracking up.

Later on, the two were asked about Notorious BIG. Yachty has always been vocal about his lack of interest in 90s rap (he's 19, after all), and unsurprisingly called the rapper "overrated" with a troll-ish grin. Meanwhile Perry said he couldn't really weigh in as he's "never really listened" to Biggie outside of movies. 

Yachty was also quick to call music pirating "underrated." "I need all you teenagers to go out there and illegally download my album," he joked, admitting that while he has a history of pirating, he recently downloaded Apple Music; "so now I don't have to."

Watch the rappers' hilarious episode below.