While most of us cannot pull off the face tatt, whether it be because of the environment we work in, the fact our parents would highly disapprove, or simply because we're not rappers-- however, if there's one rapper who's got the face tattoo down pat, it's Weezy F. Lil Wayne already had a healthy amount of ink on his face and the rest of his body, but he's taken that up notch with several new tattoos on his face.

The HQ for everything Lil Wayne shared some photos of Wayne's new ink, which were done by a tattoo artist named Spider. Spider also provided the following note, "Couple pieces I did on my man Lil Wayne. A very hospitable and professional client, thanks Wayne!"

One tattoo, above his left eyebrow, is in Arabic and according to LilWayneHQ reads "Mumma's Boy" (however we are not 100% certain). The other, on his chin, appears to be the Eye of Providence. Take a look in the gallery above. What do you think of them?