I've seen complaints about the robbery Kim was a target of in Paris being described as an assault or as violent in nature. Let's remember she was bound and gagged and held at gunpoint by five men dressed as cops. It should be telling of how harrowing the experience was that Kim has been totally reclusive in the time since, which is rather remarkable for a celebrity of her stature. And that's not to mention the public mental breakdown Kanye recently suffered, as well as all the media scrutiny around his surprise Trump endorsement and his meeting with the controversial president-elect earlier this week. 

Last night, Kim made her first public appearance since Kanye was hospitalized at the end of last month (she declined to accompany her husband to Trump Tower on Tuesday). Attending a holiday party at The Forum in Inglewood, the outing was one of Kim's first since the Paris robbery. At the end of October, she had attended a "Saint Pablo" concert -- coincidentally, also at The Forum -- and was protected by about a dozen security guards

Her security detail didn't seem to be quite as extensive last night, though Kim clearly made a concerted attempt to avoid the paparazzi. Ducking her head in the passenger's seat of a white Benz, TMZ was only able to get a shot of her hairline. 

As reported earlier today, Kim recently unveiled a new Kimoji Instagram account -- presumably in support of a new merch line -- full of twerking videos. Do you think we'll be seeing more Kim than ever in 2017, or did the trauma she endured in Paris forever change the way she moves around?