At this point, there's no facet of the entertainment industry -- and no artistic medium -- that Kanye West doesn't want in on. This afternoon, Kanye hosted a party at Madison Square Garden that saw both the debuts of his new album, The Life of Pablo, as well as his newest clothing line, Yeezy Season 3. There was also a surprise unveiling that wasn't originally on the bill, as toward the end of the event, Kanye gave the audience a preview of his new video game. 

The game is titled "Only One," and it is based off Kanye's single of the same name, released at the end of December 2014. "The idea of the game is my mom traveling through the gates of heaven," 'Ye told the crowd. He then played a trailer for the game on the MSG Jumbotron. Watch below. 

After giving fans a glimpse of "Only One," Kanye spoke on just how remarkable it is that he's been able to create a video game -- amid all of his other ventures -- in the first place. "That's not easy to do, man! Y'all just be acting like this shit is regular," said Kanye, before explaining the extent to which game developers in Silicon Valley attempted to write him off. 

Soon enough, kids will be playing "Only One" while listening to The Life of Pablo in a pair of Yeezys. Just where will Kanye take his talents next?