Call it the romantic in us, but it seems an odd gesture to buy up 10 european Burger King franchises for a wedding present. But that's just what Kanye did, according to Gawker, when he snatched up some BK branches in Italy, France, and the UK. 

According to an unnamed source (aren't they always?), Kanye thinks these locations are a "a perfect fit" and " that's where he sees her future career, away from reality TV."

Perhaps she does have a career away from her reality show, but is it really as an enterprising fast food chain franchise owner? We mean, we know Kanye likes the curves, but...

Okay, okay. Fair enough; it's a practical gift, to be sure. In accordance with these recent Euro business ventures, Yeezy announced a string of European tour dates.

It's great the man can still manage all of these international career choices in the face of his two-year probation.

Of course, now there are reports that Burger King is offering to cater the KimYe wedding. Keep it classy, Kanye.