Jetpack Jones Songs

  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Alright
    Jetpack Jones calls himself "The Chillest Rapper Alive".
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Reasons  Feat. LanaaMak
    Peacelife, the collective led by Mann is constantly introducing us to new talent.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Wonderland  Feat. Sir Jameson
    Jetpack Jones & Sir Jameson team up with producer Handbook for the first installment of the newly-formed #NDGaudio series. Notoriously Deviant Generation, Jetpack and company's lifestyle movement, intends for the series to showcase artists and producers that they have worked with frequently in t
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - BREAD
    After a seven-week absence, Jetpack Jones returns to our front pages today with "BREAD." Released just in time for Black Friday, this Brock Berrigan-produced promo single tackles the consumer's illusion of freedom in capitalist America.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Ganja Man
    You may recognize the beat on Jetpack Jones' new track from Le$ and Cookin' Soul's ACE mixtape.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Another Day In Paradise  (Prod. By Don Diestro)
    Jetpack Jones is back with a brand new album and, if the ratings are any indication, HNHH readers are loving what they hear. Praised for its laid-back sound and tonally appropriate lyricism, 380 SL successfully sends the Jetpack Movement to new heights.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Both  (Prod. By Don Diestro)
    A few weeks ago, Jetpack Jones let "Right Now" go as the first single from him and Don Diestro's upcoming project 380 SL, and now they've returned with a second and final single before the tape drops on September 16th. "Both" is a song they describe as "a money making anthem."
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - 11:59  Feat. Clyde Shankle
    Everyone has found themselves counting down the minutes at some point. Sometimes it'll happen at school or at work; sometimes it'll even happen at home. Today's feature from Jetpack Jones & Clyde Shankle focuses in on that last minute--those final 60 seconds before freedom.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Right Now  Feat. Mann
    Jetpack Jones is back with the first single off of his upcoming 380 SL project hosted by DJ SWU.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Demo Grafix
    Jetpack Jones is back with another hot track for your summer playlist. Featuring a sample of the infamous Gil Scott-Heron, the single finds the emcee venting about his daily struggles.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Jacqueline Broyer
    Jetpack Jones starts off his Friday by recording new music and releasing it to the fans moments later. Literally, he recorded this ten minutes ago and sent it over.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Secret Stuff  (Prod. By Don Diestro)
    Jetpack Jones and Don Diestro are readying their joint tape 380 SL for its release later this year, and today they've shared a new collaboration. "Secret Stuff" is a smooth, "Space Jam"-sampling track. Listen and download below.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Maxxin  Feat. Robby Ra$hu (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
    On 4/20, Jetpack Jones and Brock Berrigan shared their joint mixtape, Shades Of Mary. Now, the pair have unveiled a B-side from the project, "Maxxin," that also features Robby Ra$hu.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Oh, Woah  Feat. Tone Oliver (Prod. By Apocalyps)
    Got a night cap for you, folks. "Oh, Woah" is the latest offering from Lakewood, California mainstay Jetpack Jones, featuring PeaceLife representative Tone Oliver with production from Apocalyps. It doesn't get much chiller than this. 
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Under The Radar  Feat. Rich Flow (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
    "Under The Radar" is another choice cut from Jetpack Jones and New York City producer Brock Berrigan's new collaborative album Shades Of Mary, which you can now stream and/or download in our mixtape section. Light one and enjoy it.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Roll  (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
    Stream and / or download "Roll", a choice selection from Jetpack Jones and New York producer Brock Berrigan's new collaborative project Shades Of Mary, which is now available in our mixtape section.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Stoner Hill  (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
    After dropping the "Stoner Hill" video early in the month, Jetpack Jones and Brock Berrigan have now offered up the official audio, which'll be included on their imminent Shades Of Mary project.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Somebody To Get Down With  (Prod. By Handbook)
    "Somebody To Get Down With" is the latest collaborative joint from Jetpack Jones (AKA Smartin Flowrence) and emerging UK producer Handbook, who collaborate frequently. From the man himself:
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - LKWD  (Prod. By Don Diestro)
    "LKWD" is the latest offering from Jetpack Jones, produced by in-house Jetpack Movement producer Don Diestro. The cut finds the former putting a different spin on your typical hometown anthem. From the man himself:
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - You Got Soul  (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
    After releasing the archival video for "You Got Soul" last week, Lakewood, California representative Jetpack Jones has offered the official audio.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - A Shade Of Love  (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
    "A Shade Of Love" is the first reveal from Jetpack Jones and New York City producer Brock Berrigan's upcoming joint project Shades Of Mary. Berrigan handled all of the production on Jetpack's previous release The Third Eye Initiative, which you can cop here. We couldn't recommend it more. 
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Contact High  (Prod. By Ambiguous Sounds)
    Jetpack Jones keeps the ball rolling with another new joint for y'all this morning. "Contact High" was produced by Ambiguous Sounds and is accompanied by artwork from the consistently dope Eustace Mamba.  Enjoy. 
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Let Me Chill  (Prod. By Stefan Green)
    "Let Me Chill" is the first release of the new year from the self-proclaimed Chillest Rapper Alive - Jetpack Jones of Lakewood, California. Kick back and vibe out. 
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Best Intentions  (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
    Give Best Intentions (Prod. By Brock Berrigan) a listen - it's a new offering from Jetpack Jones. It was dropped on Friday, November 29th, 2013. Jetpack Jones's musical situation is improving with every new release, and Best Intentions (Prod. By Brock Berrigan) will most definitely help the cause.
  • Cover of Jetpack Jones - Raw Papers  Feat. Tone Oliver
    Quotable Lyrics"Takin' over, Invader Zim ain't fittin in The spot full, but I brought friends, they gettin' in We got trees and papers, inhale these potent vapors Got blunts in every flavor, smokin' loud so fuck the neighbors The homie Tone said Love Is Back, I fuck with that Indie artists work the hardest, so man
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