Jemele Hill will no longer be the co-host of SportsCenter, but her time at ESPN is far from finished.

Earlier today it was announced that Hill's last show co-hosting SportsCenter would be on February 2nd, just two days before Super Bowl LII. However, contrary to some reports, she has not been fired from the company. In fact, it was her decision to move on from the show.

Hill took to twitter moments ago to clear up some details and misconceptions about her status with ESPN and revealed that she'll be working with The Undefeated, a sports and pop culture website owned and operated by ESPN.

Hill explains, "I asked to leave the show - some of y'all probably need to read that sentence again - because of a strong desire to return to reporting, writing, and commentary." She added, "I chose to work with The Undefeated because I respect their passion, creativity and storytelling. I have a lot of friends and people I've admired there for a long time. I'm honored to now be on their team."

Additionally Hill says she will be "contributing to a myriad of ESPN shows" and some other things that she can't reveal at this time. Michael Smith, who co-hosts SC6 with Hill, will now host the show by himself as he did when Hill was suspended for two weeks last year.