We don't often see Jada Pinkett Smith showing off her body online, but although we are all aware of good this woman looks in general. The actress shared a picture of herself sporting a yellow bikini on her Instagram today. It seems as though the new post was directly related to her husband, Will Smith, and how he handles her image on his own social media account. Her caption sums up the situation: "Since @willsmith got me look’n all crazy in his Daddy Dearest video ... I had to push some “counter programming”

Will Smith is usually pretty goofy on his IG when he's not dishing out motivational quotes and inspirational speeches. The "daddy dearest" post that Jada refers to in her caption is a video he took during one of the family's boat rides. Will tries to get each family member to flex for his IG. He starts with his wife saying, "Look pretty for my Instagram...right now." Pinkett doesn't shun from the camera but points at it as she protests. 

Then, Smith focuses on his children. He yells at his daughter Willow, asking her to "perform" for his followers. His son, Trey Smith, is the only one who seemed to get Will's approval. He didn't even have to say a word to do so either.